piezoelectric igniter body metal 100007

connection F6.3x0.8 2 hole fixing ø 22mm

  • body: metal
  • connection: F6.3x0.8
  • mounting: 2 hole fixing
  • diameter: 22 mm
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Please note: The desired item was replaced as follows.
  • piezoelectric igniter blowing connection ø2.4mm (Item No.: 107652)

Spare part

Unfortunately, the item you desire is no longer available in this version. However, we have replaced it with an item with the same functionality. The replacement of this item with a different equivalent item generally takes place at the recommendation of the manufacturer or supplier.

This item was replaced as follows:
Artikelbild piezoelectric igniter blowing connection ø2.4mm 2 hole fixing ø 20mm Availability Immediate availability

piezoelectric igniter body metal

Item No.: 100007

This item is suitable for the equipment from Ascobloc, Electrolux, Küppersbusch, Mareno, MBM-Italien, MKN, Palux.

Technical data

body metal
connection F6.3x0.8
mounting 2 hole fixing
diameter 22 mm

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