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fryer baskets

Always find the right fryer basket at horecatiger

For an ideal frying result, two things are particularly important: high-quality frying oil and the right fryer basket. As fryer baskets are not standardised, you should pay particular attention to the dimensions or look for the right basket for your deep fryer using the equipment data.

In a professional kitchen, a fryer basket is placed under particular stress. Baskets are particularly damaged by ‘tapping off’ excess frying fat. 

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Artikelbild fryer basket L1 275/345mm W1 1... 57,24 €*57,24 € netto*incl. VAT plus shipping costsImmediate availability
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  • Länge 1: 275/345 mm
  • Breite 1: 140 mm
  • Höhe 1: 155 mm
  • Länge 2: 585 mm
fryer basket L1 260mm W1 130mm... 19,04 €*19,04 € netto*incl. VAT plus shipping costsImmediate availability
To product
  • Länge 1: 260 mm
  • Breite 1: 130 mm
  • Höhe 1: 100 mm
  • Material: Stahl verchromt

fryer baskets

Important when looking for the right fryer basket:

  1. Equipment details: From which manufacturer and which model is your deep fryer?
  2. Basket size: How high, deep and wide is the basket that you want to replace?
  3. Handle: How is the handle shaped?
  4. Hooks: How many hooks does your fryer basket have and where are they positioned?

With the equipment details, you can use the equipment search (above the search field “Search for equipment”) to find the right equipment and select the fryer basket in the item list.  
If you do not have the equipment details to hand, you can compare the dimensions, handle and hooks with the details and image in our shop.

Or send us your equipment details via our contact form. We’ll help you to find the right fryer basket!  

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