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Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils

In addition to functional mechanics, electronics and water technology, professional catering businesses also need a well-equipped kitchen and bar. A must in order to prepare food quickly and with precision. The preparation by the kitchen team is very important and requires good equipment. Properly storing foodstuff and cleaning of the devices are also critical aspects contributing to the success of your professional catering business. We offer everything from A-Z, for all your kitchen needs. And the best part: You can order everything online quickly and conveniently.

What are kitchen utensils?

Kitchen utensils comprise the equipment of professional kitchens which turn a large kitchen into a professional  catering business. High-quality powered coffee grinders and luminaires can be found under small appliances. Gastronorm containers made of stainless steel, selected coffee accessories such as milk foamers  for baristas  can also be found in this category. Dishwashers and fryer baskets  for gold-brown french fries as well as kitchen consumables and accessories such as grease filters   and grids are included as well. Smallware and cleaning agents, such as  disinfectants, for example, round off the range.

Kitchen utensils

Fast delivery and top quality gas

Horecatiger offers a large selection of kitchen utensils, including gastronorm in various sizes and variants. Small electronic appliances as well as consumables and accessories  and a large assortment of baskets are also included. Our expansive online shop also features smallware and coffee accessories. And you can conveniently order online.
Thanks to over 70,000 spare parts in stock, fast shipping is guaranteed. If the purchased item is in stock, customers get their shipment the next day in 90% of cases.

In the kitchen utensils category of our online shop, you may select suitable spare parts for devices from leading manufacturers such as Franke, Cambro, Fimar or puley as well as many other brands. With an assortment of over 100,000 items for more than 500 manufacturers, we can meet every customer need. Good quality products and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance to us.

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