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Water and beverage technology

Water and beverage technology

Well functioning beverage technology is important in every professional kitchen of catering businesses, as water taps, pre-rinse units, water filters and hoses are subject to constant wear. If any of these fail because a component stops working or becomes intermittent, this has a negative impact on the workplace and the company. Defective components must be replaced in order to avoid such scenarios. Particularly in these types of situations, restaurant owners need support and a replacement fast.

What is water and beverage technology?

Every kitchen, whether professional or not, uses water taps, wash basins, hoses, water softeners or water filters. Special maintenance is necessary because these components are very frequently used. Failures are usually due to installed components no longer working properly, among other things. horecatiger has all spare parts used in water technology on offer, allowing for defective parts to be exchanged quickly.

Water and beverage technology

Fast delivery and highest quality of water and beverage technology

Horecatiger features over 8,000 items in the water category, which can be conveniently ordered online.
From wash basins through connection fittings to various water filters and pre-rinse units, the online shop has it all. The large inventory with over 70,000 immediately available items allows us to quickly ship the ordered spare parts to our customers. If the ordered spare part is in stock, customers generally receive the shipment the day after ordering.

In addition to fast availability, horecatiger stands out due to the high quality of the water and beverage technology products. In addition to spare parts suitable for devices from more than 500 manufacturers, horecatiger also offers universal parts which can be installed in various devices of different manufacturers .

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