piezoelectric igniter body plastic blowing 100009

mounting ø 18mm connection ø2.4mm

  • body: plastic
  • actuation: blowing
  • mounting diameter: 18 mm
  • connection: ø2.4mm
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piezoelectric igniter body plastic blowing

Item No.: 100009

This item is suitable for the equipment from Ambach, Angelo-Po, Baron, Bertos, Cookmax, Electrolux, Fiamma, Fimar, Iberital-Macchine, Imperial-USA, Lotus, Mareno, Metos, Metro-France, Olis, Silko.

Technical data

body plastic
actuation blowing
mounting diameter 18 mm
connection ø2.4mm
front measurements 26 mm
thread M18x1.5

Matches ...

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