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refrigeration gaskets

Ensure hygiene in your kitchen with regular replacing and proper cleaning

If your freezer, chiller cabinet or another cooling unit has increased electricity consumption and ice crystals form inside, this can be due to a damaged refrigeration gasket. Damaged refrigeration gaskets are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms, so the need for action is great!

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refrigeration gaskets


When do I need to replace my refrigeration gasket?

  1. When it becomes so dirty that you can no longer clean it fully
  2. When it has cracks or is porous
  3. When it becomes hard

How can I extend the service life of my gasket?

  1. Clean regularly with suitable cleaning agents (do not use abrasive cleaning agents!)
  2. Ensure that the gaskets are not oily as this removes the softener from them
  3. Avoid contact with sharp edges e.g. on GN containers

How do I find the right gasket?

  1. Ascertain the gasket profile via the equipment database in our shop
  2. Cut gasket, take a photo of the profile and compare in the shop or send the photo to us
  3. Select correct profile in the online shop and order the right standard size
  4. Send an enquiry for a seal with special dimensions to us via our online form


In our video, we show you how quickly you can find the right profile!