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Mechanical components, equipment accessories

Mechanical components, equipment accessories


is a broad term that plays an important role not only for kitchen appliances; especially in times of electricity and automation. Mechanics is what makes devices work. Most appliances are operated electrically, also in the kitchen. But professional kitchens still have mechanical components in almost every appliance. From cooking equipment, locks and hinges, knobs, gaskets and manometers.

Equipment accessories

Large professional kitchens need not only devices and appliances, accessories are also particularly important. Kitchen devices cannot function without the right accessories. A coffee maker with a defective pressure gauge or a slicer with a worn blade can cause significant problems. Worn or broken accessories should be replaced as soon as possible.

Mechanical components, equipment accessories

Besides electronics, gas components and water technology, today's professional large kitchens also require functioning mechanics. Kitchen appliances are operated by means of mechanics. Next to large kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers are mechanical appliances such as meat mincers, timers and juicers. In addition to kitchen appliances, even traditional kitchen cabinets rely on properly working mechanics. Replacements are needed quickly in case of failure. Equipment accessories should always be on hand and functioning in order to meet the requirements of a catering business.

Fast delivery and highest quality of mechanical components and equipment accessories

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