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hot plate ø 220mm 2600W 230V 490020

connection 4 screw clamps with 8mm spill ring

  • Durchmesser: 220 mm
  • Leistung: 2.600 W
  • Spannung: 230 V
  • Anschluss: 4 Schraubklemmen
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hot plate ø 220mm 2600W 230V

Item No.: 490020

This item is suitable for the equipment from Alpeninox, Ambassade, Angelo-Po, Bertos, Cooking-Systems, Cookmax, Desco, Dexion, Diamond, Electrolux, Emmepi, Eurast, Fagor, FOSS, GIGA, Hobart, Juno, KIPRO, Küppersbusch, Lotus, Macfrin, Mareno, MasBaga, Mastro, MBM-Italien, Modular, OEM, Olis, Silko, Star-10, Virtus, Zanussi Professional, Zoppas.

Technical data

Durchmesser 220 mm
Leistung 2.600 W
Spannung 230 V
Anschluss 4 Schraubklemmen
Ausführung with 8mm spill ring
Anwendung Haushalt + Großküche

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