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Gas components

Gas components

Gas is one of the cheapest sources of energy. Professional kitchens are unthinkable without  gas. It heats faster and more intensely than many electronic devices and allows users to adjust the temperature promptly. To make sure gas components are used safely and without problems, proper handling and the right equipment are important. If something breaks, a high-quality replacement is needed quickly so that the gastronomy or professional kitchen can continue operating without interruption.

What are gas components?

Professional kitchens have numerous devices that are operated with gas. For example cooktops and ovens. All components needed for these devices to function properly are considered gas components. This includes, for example gas burners, gas nozzles, gas thermostats, gas taps, gas valves and ignition boxes special ignition parts and other ancillary products. Gas-operated devices require special maintenance. If a failure occurs because an individual part is no longer functioning properly, it is important to act quickly and find a replacement fast. Find anything your restaurateur heart desires. Take a look around, make your selection and conveniently order online.

Gas components

Fast delivery and top quality gas components

Conveniently select and order your suitable spare parts from horecatiger's more than 100,000 available items. Fast delivery is guaranteed thanks to gastrotiger's large inventory. With over 70,000 spare parts in stock, most orders arrive the day after ordering.

Horecatiger excels with high quality items and the short procurement time of spare parts. With an assortment of over 100,000 spare parts for more than 500 manufacturers, we can satisfy any customer need. In addition to major manufacturers such as Convotherm, MKN and Rational, we also feature products from Eloma, Roller Grill and Smeg. Even our universal parts are excellent. We continuously develop existing spare parts in order to meet customer demands.

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