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horecatiger - Spare parts for professional kitchens

horecatiger is your partner for spare parts and accessories for professional kitchens. Whether restaurants, snack bars, hospitals, hotels, bars or catering: we deliver the items you need for your kitchen the very next day. Our large and modern warehouse holds over 70,000 parts of more than 500 manufacturers ready to be shipped to you. In addition to spare parts for water, electric, gas and food preparation equipment, our product range includes numerous consumables and accessories for the kitchen, such as deep-fryers, pasta baskets, pre-rinse units, detergents, coffee presses and much more.

Spare parts for professional kitchens – 80,000 parts for over 700 manufacturers available immediately

Products from over 500 manufacturers

In addition to MKN, Rational, Electrolux, Küppersbusch, Palux and Eloma, we offer a complete range of products from over 500 leading manufacturers.

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